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Left My Heart In My Other Pants
kisslicknipsuck wrote in whitefangs
I know this place is pretty dead, but...I love these guys so much I don't care! Also, this fic is being recycled here, but again I DON'T CARE!XD

Title: Otou-sama
Ratings: NC-17
Genre: crack, romance
Pairings: sakumoXkakashi, yonkaka, kakairu
Summary: Sakumo catches his son fooling around with Iruka, and now he can't seem to stop being jealous of the little dolphin.
WARNINGS: This fic contains INCEST, so if you don't like that, then don't read this. Not to mention the graphic lemons...
A/N: Like I said, this fic is being recycled here, and it's twelve chapters long, but they're pretty short chapters. And there's four different endings, though they all contain smexings...XD Enjoy!

Otou-sama ch.1

p.s. there's links at the bottom of each chappie that'll take you to the next one, just in case someone missed them...^^;


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