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Left My Heart In My Other Pants
kisslicknipsuck wrote in whitefangs
Title: Healing Death--chapter 2
Rating: overall--NC-17 this chap--PG-13 at the very most
Genre: mainly romance, angst, hurt/comfort, perhaps a little action/adventure...MAYBE a little humor...and of course pr0n
Pairings: predominantly sakumoXkakashi, but there will also be kakanaru, kakairu, and possibly others...I'm not sure yet...gaanaru too...
Summary: Sakumo makes a deal with Death to save his son's life. He's brought back to life as a Reaper for Shinigami-sama, collecting souls in the human world while trying to patch things up with Kakashi, who seems determined to hate him for the rest of his life. How will he earn his son's forgiveness, and what will become of their relationship?
A/N: Wow these prompts are really easy to write!8D So easy that I finished the second chapter less than 24 hours later!8O Knowing exactly what needs to be in the chapter to represent the prompt makes it super easy, and I like that the chapters are rather short too:3 

p.s. for prompt #30: Birth

Previous Chapters HERE.

The surface never seemed to come.


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